Food Ingredients

Our latest product, Positive Protein is a highly-nutritious microbial protein ingredient ideal for use in a wide range of human foods.

Made using Calysta’s patented fermentation platform, it requires no animal or plant matter, yet offers a rich and healthy alternative to more planet-intensive proteins.

Backed by years of studies, Positive Protein has the highest digestibility rating for protein ingredients and is naturally rich in branched chain amino acids, making it comparable to high quality animal proteins.

Fermentation Oxygen Nitrogen Carbon and energy Separation Water & Nutrients Homogenization and fractionation Production STEP 1 Gases are mixed in a proprietary fermenter where they are consumed by Calysta's natural microorganisms which form the basis of single cell protein. STEP 2 Single cell protein is separated from the aqueous media in which it is grown, with water and nutrients returned back to the fermenter. STEP 3 Single cell protein is further processed and purified to produce a pure stream of essential amino acids, vitamins, and minerals. STEP 4 Food producers use these protein ingredients to improve the nutrition, taste, and appearance of their products.