FeedKind® is a family of feed ingredients for use across aquaculture and livestock species.

Our first product, FeedKind Aqua®, is an ideal feed ingredient for species across aquaculture, including shrimp, salmon, and warmwater carnivorous finfish.

Like other fermented foods, FeedKind has been shown to offer gut-health benefits such as helping maintain a healthy digestive system.

In shrimp feeds, FeedKind supports a healthy immune system, and FeedKind-fed shrimps are less susceptible to vibrio, the cause of Early Mortality Syndrome.

FeedKind Net Zero redefines the world’s leading microbial protein. Empowered by renewable energy and our circular fermentation platform, FeedKind Net Zero is a protein with unrivalled sustainability credentials.

FeedKind Terra is a high-value protein suited for early animal nutrition such as post-weaning piglets and chick starter diets. It is already approved for sale in several markets across the world, including throughout the EU.

For more information please head to www.feedkind.com