World’s first dog treats launched featuring FeedKind® Pet protein

Nuremberg, Germany. May 7, 2024. Dr. Clauder’s has joined forces with protein pioneer Calysta to launch the world’s first dog treats made with FeedKind® Pet protein, a revolutionary new pet food ingredient. Announced at the world’s leading pet trade fair, Interzoo, the groundbreaking air-dried treat presented by Dr. Clauder’s makes the most of Calysta’s nutritionally […]

Calysta’s FeedKind protein receives MARA approval for use in aquaculture feeds

January 31, 2024 Calysta’s FeedKind® protein has received formal approval for use in aquaculture feeds in China as the company’s joint venture with Adisseo, Calysseo, prepares to deliver first product to customers through Adisseo sales network in China. The country’s Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs (MARA) has formally given Calysta’s single cell protein full […]