Meet the Team: Sophie Bell

Get to know Sophie Bell, Microbiology Analyst at Calysta How did you get started in the industry? What did you study and what was your first job? I decided to study biomedical science at university as I believed that by studying the biology behind human disease, I could help people and make a difference in […]

Meet the Team: Matt Longshaw

Get to know Matt Longshaw, Senior Scientist (Aquaculture) at Calysta What was your first job? What did you study at university? My first “proper” job after my MSc was at the Marine Lab in Aberdeen where I worked on the taxonomy of parasites of deep-water fish from the south Atlantic and on wild sea trout […]

Meet the Team: Lori Giver, Ph.D.

Get to know Lori Giver, Ph.D., Chief Science and Sustainability Officer at Calysta What was your first job? What did you study at university? As an undergraduate, I was lucky enough to work during the summers at NASA (my dad spent his whole career there!). I studied extremophiles (microbes that live under extreme conditions) as a […]

Meet the Team: Ricardo Rossi

Get to know Ricardo Rossi, Fermentation Scientist at Calysta What was your first job and what did you study at University? Life was always the most interesting puzzle to me, both scientifically and philosophically. So, when I was very young, I decided to study Biology as my BSc, followed by MSc in Biotechnology and genetics. […]

Meet the Team: Kamilla Bogát

Get to know Kamilla Bogát, Fermentation Scientist at Calysta Can you describe the role of a fermentation scientist, including your responsibilities? My main role as a Fermentation Scientist is leading the UK fermentation lab, designing, carrying out and analysing fermentations for experiments. Additionally, I am involved with the development of the fermentation process and material […]

A Decade of Calysta

By Alan Shaw Ph.D, CEO and Co-founder of Calysta We’re celebrating the 10th anniversary of Calysta, both a proud and motivating milestone in our journey. In these 10 years, we’ve made strides towards transforming the future of food by producing alternative protein for potential use across all markets. As I reflect on the last decade […]

Why we need protein without limits 

Why we need protein without limits  By Herman Sloot  In the future, one of our biggest challenges will be how we feed the world. We are in a unique situation where global food insecurity has been accelerated by a number of factors, including conflict, disease, droughts and supply chain issues.  How do we create protein […]

Meet the Team: Quynh Nguyen 

Get to know Quynh Nguyen, Process Engineer at Calysta  Can you describe a typical day-in-the life of a Process Engineer at Calysta? My typical day varies depending on the phase of the project I am currently working on. During the detail design phase over the past year, I spent time collaborating internally with our international […]

Meet the Team: Chris Behrens

Get to know Chris Behrens, Senior Process Engineer at Calysta What drew you to your role at Calysta?   In short, I was impressed by the strength of the Calysta process. Calysta has substantial potential to make a considerable difference in the way that we produce protein for feed and food.  The ability to turn gas […]

Meet the Team: Melissa Aimers

Get to know Melissa Aimers, Quality Systems Manager at Calysta  What drew you to your role at Calysta?  For me Calysta is such an interesting company with a powerful vision, aiming to make a real difference to meet the demands of a growing population. It is so different from anything I have previously been involved […]