FeedKind® Protein

Sustainable protein to meet global demand

10 billion people. That’s the estimated global population by 2050. A growing middle class will demand at least 70% more protein than is now available. Already 80 percent of all agricultural land is devoted to raising or growing feed for livestock. The aquaculture industry is key to meeting this dramatic increase in protein demand. But today, industry growth is inhibited by a limited supply of sustainable, cost effective feed ingredients and the industry is actively seeking alternative supplies and new production approaches.

Calysta’s proprietary technology enables retailers and consumers to have increased confidence in the integrity of their food. Calysta provides a proven, scalable solution, using proprietary gas-fed fermentation to produce feed-quality protein with high nutritional value.

FeedKind® protein is a proprietary, competitively priced protein alternative to ingredients such as fishmeal and soya intended for use in fish and livestock feeds and pet food. FeedKind protein is the product of decades of development and addresses two current industry imperatives – feed supply and sustainability. FeedKind protein is kind to the farmer, kind to the animal, and kind to the environment.

To learn more about FeedKind® protein contact us at feedkind@calysta.com