FeedKind® Protein

Calysta’s FeedKind® protein is a family of natural, sustainable, and traceable feed ingredients for fish, livestock and pets that is being developed to help meet the growing global demand for protein.
Produced via a natural fermentation, it is non-GMO, price competitive with existing sources of protein and produced to the highest quality standards.

Validated by years of studies, our first product, FeedKind Aqua®, is an ideal feed ingredient for several species common in aquaculture, including shrimp, salmon, amberjack and trout. Like other fermented foods, FeedKind has been showing to offer gut-health benefits. In shrimp, FeedKind has been shown to reduce instances of Vibrio, the causative agent of Early Mortality Syndrome, by up to 100% after a 15-day challenge.

To find out more and order samples visit feedkind.com.