FeedKind® Protein


FeedKind® Protein: Natural Alternative to Fishmeal and Soy

FeedKind® protein is a premium fish feed ingredient produced from naturally occurring microbes found in soil. Using a natural fermentation process similar to making yeast, these microbes produce a nutritious, high protein feed that is a sustainable alternative to fishmeal.

FeedKind® protein is a non-GMO product which does not compete with the human food chain. It is approved for use in the European Union for use in salmon, as well as in multiple livestock animals including pigs, chickens, and cattle. The product and manufacturing technology are validated at scale and can be rapidly deployed for commercial production. Calysta plans to introduce FeedKind® Aqua protein for the aquaculture industry in 2018, to be followed by additional FeedKind® protein products for the livestock industry.

The product is highly stable with no fiber content, no mercury content, and a high fat content that can reduce the need for supplemental fish oil. It will be shipped and supplied dry as powder or pellets.

Superior High Protein Replacement for Fishmeal

FeedKind® Protein Fishmeal
% Protein 71% 60-72%
% Fat 10% 6-10%
% Fiber <1% <1%
% Ash 7% 10-15%
Shelf Life >12 months 2-6 months

FeedKind® protein offers aquaculture feed producers valuable features not available in existing feed ingredients. These include high nutritional quality, product uniformity, security of supply, sustainable product labeling, and potential health benefits to the farmed fish. Production of FeedKind® protein is independent of climatic variability and fishery regulations.

Calysta’s technology also enables the production of advantaged feeds, in which feed is supplemented with other key nutrients, vitamins, or amino acids. Adding these components directly in the fermentation can reduce overall cost while simultaneously improving livestock health, well-being and quality.

To learn more about FeedKind® protein contact us at feedkind@calysta.com