FeedKind® Protein

Animal Health

Increasing Demand for More Efficient, Effective Products

Animal health is a $23 billion industry, driven by increased demand for animal wellbeing as well as improved quality and yields of the resultant food products. Market growth in animal health supplements is constrained, however, by high production costs, a lack of new technology, labor intensive practices and changing regulatory requirements. In the United States, for example, the FDA has called for the phase-out of many antibiotics in animal feed.

As a microorganism, FeedKind® protein shares many components with currently used probiotics and pre-biotics. Data suggests that FeedKind protein helps maintain gut health. These advantaged feeds help maintain healthy animals, potentially reducing or replacing the need for antibiotics or other medical interventions.

Calysta is also developing additional lines of value-added animal feeds for livestock, providing an alternative to animal-derived proteins and supplements. Calysta’s technology allows for the specific tailoring of the composition of the feed to the targeted animal, providing for optimal growth, wellbeing, and quality of the livestock.

Further information
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