Market Introduction Facility

cpiCalysta has established its first Market Introduction Facility for FeedKind® protein, a new sustainable fish feed ingredient to reduce the aquaculture industry’s use of fishmeal. FeedKind protein is a natural, traceable and safe non-animal fish feed ingredient that is non-GMO and is approved for sale in the European Union.

The facility opened in September 2016 and is located at the Centre for Process Innovation (CPI), at Teesside, in northeast England. This facility will produce commercially representative samples that will be available to customers for testing in early 2017. Calysta has also announced a partnership with Cargill for production of FeedKind Aqua protein in North America and marketing worldwide.

Calysta received a Exceptional Regional Growth Fund (eGRF) award of up to £2.8 million from the UK Government in 2016. This will contribute to a £30 million first phase investment over ten years by Calysta to develop a Market Introduction Facility to generate contemporary samples, support customer testing and product registration for FeedKind protein. Additionally, Calysta’s facility at Teesside will support scale up for new product development.

Calysta is locating a novel loop reactor adjacent to CPI’s existing National Industrial Biotechnology Facility 2 (NIBF2) facility. This loop reactor incorporates Calysta’s proprietary, best-in-class gas fermentation technology.

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